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Shopper Understanding: Pre-Shop, In-Store and Post-Shop

The shopper journey is made up of more than just what happens in-store. Connecting via mobile allows you to gather opinions from the right person, at the right time and on the right device. Research Now Mobile™ gives you the ability to capture In-the-Moment insights while people are at home, shopping and on the move.

With our global, single-source panel, you have access to millions of the people you want to reach – shoppers, business owners, Millennials, C-level executives and more.

Our Shopper Understanding solution allows you to discover what drives shopper behavior during portions of their path to purchase, empowering you to conduct quantitative and qualitative mobile research when and where it matters most.

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Millennials Drive Businesses and Big Brands to Adapt

Almost one-third of all U.S. spending will be done by Millennials by 2020. It's no surprise that these heavy spenders are more tech-savvy than older generations, which is clearly evidenced by their smartphone usage in the aisle.

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Are mobile medical apps good for our health?

Mobile apps for smartphones are changing the way doctors and their patients approach health matters. A new study by Research Now looks into the use of mobile health apps, and assesses their potential in healthcare. We surveyed 500 healthcare professionals and 1,000 health app users in the U.S. about their use of and feelings towards smartphone technology in relation to health.

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